The Second Battle of Moytura

Image by Nance Kinane
  1. The Passion of the Ogma

Ogma suffers under the reign of Bres, but from this suffering comes a great revelation.

2. Dian Cecht and Nuada’s Silver Arm

Dian Cecht receives Ogma’s message and sets out to find a way of fighting back against Bres’s tyranny.

3. The Dagda Strikes Back

The Dagda has had enough of Bres’s demands of his labour and Cridenbel’s demands of his hospitality.

4. Son of Fomóir: Bres, Éire and the Fomorians

Bres has lost the kingship of the Tuath Dé and now he’s throwing a strop, but he has a plan.

5. Lugh Lámhfada and his Resistance Militia*

Bres and the Fomorians are raiding Ireland but Nuada doesn’t want to drag the Tuath Dé into another war. Lugh and Bodbh Dearg take matters into their own hands.

6. The Rise of Lugh

Lugh goes to Tara to claim his place in the hall of the gods but first he will have to prove his value to them.

7. The Tragedy of Balor and his Piercing Eye**

Balor, a giant who lives in an invisible tower, commands one of the most fearsome armies that has ever been, but there is something in his past that torments him.

8. The Judgement of Lugh*

Lugh is about to lead the Tuath Dé to war, but first he wants to bring his father’s killers to justice.

9. The Dagda’s Club in Love and War

The Dagda is on a mission. He travels to the west to scout the invading Fomorian armies, but it’s not all business for the supreme father. 

10. Road to Moytura Episode I: March of the Fomóire**

The Fomorians are ready to march to meet the Tuath Dé in Battle but in their preparation, they omitted a plan to ask the land spirits for permission to cross their territory.

*5&8 from the saga, Fate of the Children of Turren but within the timeline of the Second Battle of Moytura and part of our retelling.

**7 is an original piece of short fiction drawing upon sources in folklore and the fate of the children of Turren. Is part of our retelling. 10 is another original drawing on and fleshing out information in the saga and is part of our retelling.