Episode 19: The Rise of Lugh

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Irish Mythology Podcast

Iúil 30, 2021

Episode 19

The Rise of Lugh Lámhfada 

Thank you for listening to this episode!

Here you’ll find our notes, links to research and some personal highlights from your hosts. 

Welcome | fáilte 

In this episode we hear about the challenges Lugh faces before he can take his place at the hall of the gods. 

We ask:

  • What kind of game was fidchell?
  • What can we learn about Lugh from the Continental Celtic god Lugus?
  • What about the Welsh figure, Lleu Llaw Gyffes?
  • What can maps and language tell us about Lugh?
  • What clues can archaeology give us about his rise to prominence?
  • What is his relationship to the other gods and the Fomorians?
  • What modern festivals could be related to Lughnasadh?

Lugh goes to Tara to claim his place in the hall of the gods but first he will have to prove his value to them. To do this he must win at an ancient Irish version of chess called fidchell and undergo a test of strength from Ogma. Starring: Lugh, Nuada, Gamal, Camall.

Co-Starring Ogma, Macha, Gobniu, Dian Cecht.

We talk about Lugh, the festival of Lughnasadh, the continental celtic god Lugus, and the Welsh mythological figure Lleu Llaw Gyffes.

A cautionary tale on why you should always eat before you start work. 


Written, presented and produced  by Marcas Ó hUiscín and Stephanie Ní Thiarnaigh. 

Music – Celtic Warrior by Damiano Baldoni (licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 public licence) 


All sounds cc licence from freesound.org except “riders of the sidhe chanting Lugh’s name”, by Marcas O’hUiscín. 

Summer Solstice Sunset at Tara – by Marcas

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