Episode 10: The Dagda Strikes Back

show notes s01 e10
Irish Mythology Podcast

Samhain  24, 2020

Featured Image – The Gundestrup Cauldron – Attribution: Knud Winckelmann and Nationalmuseet- commons.wikimedia.org – CC-BY-SA-3.

Episode 10

The Dagda Strikes Back

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Here you’ll find our notes, links to research and some personal highlights from your hosts. 

Welcome | fáilte 

In this episode we hear about the Dagda and how he strikes back against Cridenbel and Bres with the help of an otherworldly child. Meanwhile, Bres’s bad luck continues as the visit of a satirist doesn’t go the way he’d hoped.   We ask:

  • What was The Dagda’s role in myth and in the old pagan religion?
  • What rules around hospitality existed in  Brehon Law?
  • Did The Dagda represent a class of hospitalier called the Briugu?
  • Why were there laws governing satire in medieval Ireland?
  • Why should you offer  your guests a few biscuits with the cuppa?

The Dagda has had enough of Bres’s demands of his labour and Cridenbel’s demands of his hospitality. Now, with the help of a magical child and a satirist, The Dagda Strikes Back.

A cautionary tale outlining why you should always give your guests something decent with their cuppa.


  • The Second Battle of Moytura 
  • Ireland’s Immortals, A History of the Gods of Irish Myth – Mark Williams
  • Harp, Club and Cauldron, A Harvest of Knowledge (Lora O’Brien and Morpheus Ravenna ed)
  • A Cauldron of Abundance (from above book) by Chris Thompson and Isolde Ó’Brolcháin Carmody
  • A Guide to Early Irish Law – Fergus Kelly
  • Techno Viking 


Written, presented and produced  by Marcas Ó hUiscín and Stephanie Ní Thiarnaigh. 

Music – Celtic Warrior by Damiano Baldoni (licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 public licence 


All sounds cc licence from freesound.org (except Door – Stone – Large – by DWO Boyle attribution licence at freesound)

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